The days of clumsy, heavy, and unmanageable medical equipment are (mostly) behind us. These days, there are very sophisticated ergonomically and lightweight devices designed to help the disabled and elderly. Below are some simple benefits and suggestions for their use.

Keep You from Getting Tired

One of the most direct benefits of having medical mobility equipment is to simply improve the quality of life of its users. For the elderly, one of the most difficult aspects to handle is reduced stamina and lower energy levels. As an example, power scooters are great for going long distances. They are made for people who can walk and so are easy to get in and out. Some power scooters have very long battery lives and can go up to 30 or more miles on a single charge; that’s a long walk around the block.

Accepting the help of devices like e-readers that can magnify text or even read words aloud can also be beneficial to someone with vision difficulty.

Prevent Injuries

Items such as canes, walkers, and braces help prevent falls. In the case of an existing injury, a brace will make sure the joints are not over-extended or become further aggravated.

Some good preventative items to have around the house are grips on the shower floor, bars installed in the bath for grips, and even specially-designed tubs. Special tubs are made to make it very easy to get in and out of the tub and eliminate the task of balancing on one foot while stepping over the edge, thus preventing the chances of falling.

Consider having grips installed on the sidewalk in front of your home if you live in an environment with icy winters. Falls on the driveway are one of the most common injuries for seniors.

Help You Recover From Illness

Recovery from simple injuries such as bruises and scrapes takes longer as you age. So do incisions from surgery and other medical procedures. Make sure you get the care that you need by having a comfortable bed and are properly bandaging and caring for wounds. It is important to do this to prevent complications from infection and so that you can get back up in the shortest possible time. An adequate supply of bandages, gauze, and tape is always helpful and not difficult to obtain. Grab some of these at the grocery store before you ever actually need them to save you a trip. Plus, when stored correctly, these items keep for a long time, so it’s always money well-spent.

Make Your Life Easier

Having a simple, sturdy step stool is great for reaching items in the home that are on higher shelves. There are many of these tailored for older folks that have rails and are extra stable. This is the kind of item you only need to purchase once, so spend on a high-quality product.

Other equipment that makes life easy are extended reachers. Get the kind of long-armed claws with rubberized grips so you grab items off the top of the fridge or shelf with no problem. These come in all shapes and sizes so you might want to have several around the house for specific purposes.

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