Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, you might be stuck at home, alone or with your family, and that’s slowly hitting your mental health. The undetermined isolation, panic over a shortage of resources, and overloaded outbreak information could be a recipe for anxiety and mental illness. You may feel less productive, and that could potentially become a vicious habit in the future.

The best part about self-quarantine is that you have enormous time to do, well, whatever you want to do. After spending hours, we’ve listed down 7 therapies that all of us could implement during self-quarantine to protect our mental health.

1. Stay close to your normal routine

During quarantine, it’s generally observed that people’s whole cycle from waking up to sleeping gets upside down. And that’s not right for your mental health. Therefore, you try and maintain staying close to your pre-quarantine routine. For those working from home or having kids, sticking to the daily routine might be easier.

However, waking up and going to bed at the same time, having breakfast and meals, all should be continued like before. This will not only keep you engaged these days but will also help you to readjust when everything gets back to normal.

2. Live your hobbies or find a new one

If your hobbies are singing, dancing, painting, baking, etc., then this is the perfect time to practice and get better. Who knows, by the end of this self-quarantine, you might become a professional. Or else, there is never too late to pick up a new hobby.

Also, nowadays, many contests are running to encourage many of the isolated people to participate in whatever they like.

3. Do one thing that makes you happy

During self-quarantine, a lot of people must be feeling alone and the only word to describe this is loneliness. It sounds like a weakness as if you need a company to be happy. Challenge yourself and make your weakness, your biggest strength. By embracing the feeling of solitude, you can try doing one thing in a day that makes you happy.

You can either read a book or play an instrument, anything that is a joy to behold. So, take no pressure about anything because maybe it’s a chance to get creative and induce your passions.

4. Enliven your space

Once you change your viewpoint of being alone, it’s time to transform your space. First of all, it’s very important to make your space clean and tidy, otherwise, you may get bored. Secondly, try to make your environment inspiring and energizing. For that, change the look, sound, and smell of your space.

To be positive, you need to surround yourself with colours, therefore you can take a painting and place it right in front of your bed. So, when you wake up, the first thing, you’ll see is positivity.

Surround yourself with your favourite sounds like calming sounds, energetic sounds, or birds chirping sound. The third thing is to change the smell as it can have a big influence on how you feel. For this, you can light up a candle with a calming scent like lavender.

5. Stay connected with friends and family

Having a virtual communication with other people will not only get you out of the boredom but also minimize the sense of isolation. This self-quarantine, stay in touch with friends and family, play games with them, or reach out to others on social media.

You can even support your friends who are going through loneliness trauma and make them feel better.

6. Start self-care routines

Since many people are no longer working, you can have time to take care of your hair, skin, nails, etc. Watch out videos from YouTube and take out time to groom yourself. You can freshen up your face through a face pack or nourish your hair through some home remedies. This will not only make your face glow and hair shine but will also enlighten your inner soul.

7. Try to meditate or workout

This is an ideal time to maintain your body, so get some mats and dumbbells and kick-start your workout sessions. YouTube contains several free workout videos, so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of what is offered. Also, people who love meditation can start meditating as it will help you to feel calm and relaxed.

Last word

We are sure, with the above antidotes of depression, you will be able to come out as a winner. Everything in life, the good and the bad, will pass soon. All you need to do is to keep patience and be healthy – physically as well as mentally.

Above all, do not forget to take the utmost care of senior citizens during this time. There are high chances of them struggling with depression. To keep them fit and active, there are various fitness tips for seniors on YouTube, which you can make them execute.

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