People have used braces to straighten the teeth and create a beautiful smile since ancient times, but Philadelphia custom braces have only become popular in the last few decades. Aristotle and Hippocrates were both noted to have straightened teeth and fixed up dental problems, from about 300 to 400 BC. Catgut was used in place of orthodontic wires during those times but dentistry only started making notable advances from the 17th century. If you want to know a little about dentistry and orthodontics, here are three tips to introduce you.

Modern Dentistry Goes Back To 1728

Pierre Fauchau is credited as the inventor of modern dentistry when he published his pioneering book. Teeth straightening only became a point of interest from about the mid 19th century when technological advances made it more practical. Edward Angle introduced modern dentistry to the world when he set up the first school and college dedicated to the subject.

Understanding How Braces Work

Braces move the teeth into better positions using force and pressure. For wire braces a combination of ligature elastic, arch wire, binding materials and brackets cause the force or pressure required to achieve this. Braces generate constant pressure, which move the teeth into their new places over time.

In adults, headgear may be necessary to provide the extra pressure. The process of straightening the teeth must be done slowly, or the person may end up losing their teeth. This is why you may be required to wear braces for up to two and a half years. As the teeth move, the bones grow around them to support the new shape and positions. This process is known as bone remodeling and helps to make the bones stronger.

Even Braces Have Had a Facelift Since Then

Considered one of the most unfortunate things to befall a modern teenager, braces may have been difficult to manufacture in the past, but technology has caught up very quickly. Invisible braces remove much of the stigma of having metal in your mouth, and are almost undetectable. They are usually made from plastic or ceramic materials, as close to the natural color of your teeth as possible. Because they are custom-made, they also fit extremely well and are very effective at straightening your smile. They can also be taken out before eating, and to be cleaned, making life more enjoyable and helping to pass the time a lot quicker.

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