Dermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure which is earning medical fame and is used to great effect for treating various skin complications. Using dermabrasion the outer surface of the skin, the epidermis, can be removed by a process of sanding or abrasion. Dermabrasion is extensively used for treating skin problems caused due to sun-damage which results in the formation of scars, age spots, dark spots and freckles. This procedure can be painful and requires anaesthesia.

Some common conditions which may be aided with dermabrasion include:

1. Acne scars treatment

2. Surgical scars treatment

3. Superficial treatments of growth of skin such as rhinophyma. In some rare cases, dermabrasion can also be used for treating small cysts, basal cell skin cancer, epidermal nevi and Bowmen’s diseases

4. For removing tattoos

5. For treating skin colour changes like melasma or solar lenigitis

6. Wrinkles and fine lines

7. Freckles

8. Rosacea treatment

However, dermabrasion cannot be used for treating congenital skin imperfections, such as birthmarks, moles, pigmented marks during birth or scars caused by burns.

The modified version of dermabrasion is microdermabrasion. This is a similar procedure that helps in dealing with more superficial skin complications. It is less painful than the deeper dermabrasion and can treat all types of skin with equal efficiency. Microdermabrasion works to more subtly change the skins condition without any manifest changes to the skin colour or any scarring. This procedure however, is not applicable for treating intense skin problems such as stretch marks or keloids; it can only be used to treat problems that appear on the outermost skin layers. Deep scars caused by acne cannot be treated with microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical method and hence requires less down time also; the skin usually recovers within 24 hours. Therefore, microdermabrasion doesn’t require any anaesthetics and the skin does not bleed as much either. Basically, it is a much less risky procedure when compared to dermabrasion.

In dermabrasion a rotary instrument that turns at high speed connected to a rough brush or wheel that is used for removing the outer skin layers in order to repair and reduce skin irregularities. In the case of Microdermabrasion the skin is sprayed with tiny crystals and the gentle abrasion procedure removes the more superficial dead layers of the outer surface of the skin. This actually helps by exfoliating the skin and this procedure helps with ensuring spots and marks vanish rapidly.

Both these procedures potentially have side effects. If you wish to avoid these unwanted skin problems then you can opt for a Mediderm Visage Facial Treatment; a beauty treatment which is less of a invasive and more helpful.

With a Mediderm Visage treatment you will be delighted with how almost magically this reduces scars, wrinkles, rosaceas and skin pigmentation in just a short space of time. This is a new and advanced treatment procedure that is developed to suit every skin tone and type. The procedure involves the combined use of medical procedures, products and equipments for treatment. Also this procedure works toward understanding the skin changes that you’re experiencing and will teach you how to care for your skin when it is rejuvenated. Remember, as your skin tends to change following the procedure, you must adapt your skincare routine and procedures accordingly to suit the skin’s demand.

Almost every skin condition can be treated with the Mediderm Visage Facial treatment and it is a pain free treatment. Apart from correcting present skin conditions, your skin will also be refined, plumped and strengthened following the procedure. If you are ready to make the most of your skin, then Mediderm Visage stands out and is truly new and innovative way of treating skin complications.


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