Why do we all want to go to the gym? Because we get plenty of resources there that are designed to focus on our fitness training; we have various kinds of machines that focus on specific parts of our bodies and we can even get a personal trainer who will instruct us throughout. The feeling of being able to optimize our time at the gym and really dedicating all our time to one specific workout goal is just so rewarding.

Hence there are a lot of us out there who feel like we are missing out on a lot of hardcore training session due to the pandemic. Most of us don’t even have the required tools or equipment at home to carry out our exercise regimes. Well don’t worry, we have selected household items, yes you read that right, items that are just lying in your house that you can use to give you that near gym experience so you don’t have to compromise on your fitness regime. So go change in your sportswear and continue reading this article to find out how you can continue working out at home without having to worry about gym resources!

Gym machinery and equipment weren’t always available for people from the beginning of time; in fact it took years and decades of gradual progress to be able to provide people with the finest machines and tools to optimize their workout regimes. A lot of research and development was put into various projects to be able to come out with each machine; it would not be wrong to say that the idea behind these machines was inspired by our everyday routines, the physical world around us and generally the things around us.

But if all these things and items were already around us then why did the need to produce specific gym equipment come up? Well that is a very good question and the answer is that most of these machines were created to make our lives easier; it is designed for those people who do not have a lot of time to specifically dedicate to their health and fitness because they are so busy. So these machines are able to help us work out efficiently and dedicate our time to specific parts of the body in a very short time. And the best thing about the gym is that all these resources (that can be super costly) are readily available in one place along with a trainer to guide us through the processes.

However this does not mean that our suggestion will take huge chunks of time from your day; the pandemic has made us realize that we need to divide our time smartly and make efficient use of the things around to us to make us more organized. So here are some of the household products that are easily available at your homes and that can be replaced with gym equipment:

1. Water bottles

Water bottles are excellent replacements for dumbbells because they are easily available in every size and you can determine their weight according to how much water you fill in them. This product is easily available at our homes and can be found in any variety. So if you’re looking to do arm exercises, chest, shoulder and even core exercises then water bottles are your answer easily!

We do suggest purchasing steel water bottles because they are more sturdy, durable and healthy for the environment!

2. Bag of Rice/Beans

These are again excellent replacements for kettle bells because they can be easily swung around like we tend to with the kettle bells. And because a bag of rice/beans tend to weigh us down these are excellent for when you are doing lunges, squats and kettle bell swings; they help you focus on your core and you will need to put the same effort of keeping your back straight and strengthening your core as you would with a kettle bell.

3. The Stairs

Cardio as we all know is a very important part of our fitness regime, whether it is for a warm up, cool down or that your entire regime is related to keeping your heart rate up, cardio is something you cannot skip. Having machines like a treadmill, a stepper or an elliptical machine is much more easier and we can’t deny that; these machines are so helpful as they keep you updated on how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burn or where your heart beat is at, but unfortunately we need to make the most out of whatever is available to us during the pandemic.

Hence, we strongly recommend using stairs if you have them at home; even just one step could be enough and you could go back and forth on that one step to raise your heart beat and get that cardio work done.

The first step of your stairs could also be an excellent replacement for a stepper and you could use them to do inclined pushups, triceps’ dips and so many more exercises.

4. Huge Sack of Bag

Some of our upper body exercises are incomplete without a proper barbell and we need to work on those arm muscles! Our suggestion is to use a huge sack of dog food, potatoes, wheat, salt or sugar. There are so many items available that come in sacks and you can use these as barbells easily. So if you want to do bicep curls, close grip curls or even shoulder raises then these will be ideal for you and you will definitely get the workout that you sought out for.

5. The Edge of a Sofa/Couch

The flat edges of your sofas are so resourceful because the can be used as benches on which you can lie down and do so many upper body exercises. These can again be used to do triceps’ dips and even inclined pushups. Just make sure that your sofa/couch is stable and grounded properly so you can avoid the risk of slipping and getting injured.

6. Towels/Cotton Cloth

Yoga mats are a trainees’ best friend because they make floor exercises so much easier; you can avoid getting rug burns, hurting your elbows, knees and most importantly they prevent you from slipping. So it can be difficult to replace a yoga mat at home but we have an idea for you.

Find a place in your home that is made out of a rug or has carpeting on it, now you will need to find a towel cloth that you will place on that carpet like you would a yoga mat and over that put a cotton cloth so you can save yourself from getting burns from the towel when you are doing planks or pushups.

It won’t exactly be like a yoga mat but it will pretty much help you get your floor exercises done.

7. Football

If you miss doing core exercises like crunches and Russian twists with a proper exercise ball then don’t worry because you can replace that with a football easily. Just use a football because it’s sturdy and also has an ideal weight that you should be using in order to work on your abs. After a few seconds of holding that football you will feel the fat burn as your upper arms and abdomen will begin to feel like they are set on fire!

Article source: borntough.com

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