More people are starting to grow and raise their own food these days, and there are numerous reasons why they are doing it. For some it’s simply about being more green. By growing your own food and raising your own meat you are benefiting the environment.

That’s not the only thing that growing your own food can do for you. You just need some time and energy on your hands, because it won’t be an easy job.

You Can Save Money

By gardening and raising some chickens, you can save money on your grocery bills. Each year the cost of groceries seems to continually be going up, and the only thing you can do about it is find ways to save money on your grocery bill. Sure, you can coupon, but you can also grow fresh goodies on your own.

You Know What’s In It

The stuff you grow in your own yard only has in or on it what you put in or on it. You are in control of the pesticides and other things that you aren’t in control of when it comes to the stuff grown by larger farms and supplied to grocery stores.

It’s Rewarding And Educational

If you have children you can use your garden and farm raising as a lesson. They will see how plants grow, and how farm raised animals go from farm to table. It’s a great experience.

It’s also very rewarding to grow your own foods. You’ll be amazed at how delicious that peanut butter tastes after you took the time to grow, harvest, roast, and mill those peanuts. When you put the work into every step it adds to the rewards and makes you feel good about what you are consuming.

You Can Share With Others

If you end up growing more than you need it isn’t a waste. You can share vegetables with your neighbors, family, or friends. You can throw a big barbeque party and invite lots of people over. If you don’t have anyone to invite or give to, there is another option too.

You can set up a little farm stand on the side of the road and sell your extras, which will help you make money for next year’s seeds. Make sure that you check with your local area on the rules of selling in roadside stands. You could also consider setting up at a local farmer’s market.

As far as gardening and raising farm animals goes, you also want to make sure that you are looking into local laws. Even if you live in the country there may be critters you can’t raise. It’s especially important if you live in a town or city though, you don’t want to break any ordinances.

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