PEMF stands for Pulse Electromagnetic Field that is used to treat various medical conditions in the human body. Though this technology was introduced thousands of years back, it was put to use only a few decades ago. However, with years of multiple research and discoveries, PEMF machines have come up as a tremendous wellness alternative in the medical field.

PEMF devices are used to heal joint pains, inflammations, chronic pains, and to improve overall joint mobility. This technology functions by using electromagnetic signals that penetrate your body until it reaches the cellular level. Moreover, it charges the cells of your body along with enhancing the healing process. 

Speeds up the Recovery Process

A PEMF machine is used for PEMF therapy. The main objective of this technology is to offer extra support to the body’s cells for easing chronic pains. A human body is made up of dozens of cells that make up various organs, tissues, and bones. Moreover, these cells comprise both the positive and negative charges that enable the smooth exchange of potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

However, these cells lose their strength when a person suffers from a disease, injury, or even trauma. PEMF machines help in restoring the optimal functionality of these cells along with quickening the recovery process. Furthermore, it also restores the essential functions of the body in natural ways.

Operates with Different Frequencies

The contrasting difference between other types of wellness machines and PEMF machines is the frequency it operates on. Moreover, these electromagnetic signals react differently to a variety of persons. It is also fair to say that certain frequencies work well on specific kinds of tissues.

Furthermore, PEMF machines comprise six different programs that work with target areas with specific frequencies.

Electromagnetic Signals are Safe to Use

The electromagnetic signals in PEMF machines are completely safe to use in the human body. Whereas, exposure to X-rays, and CT scans brings adverse effects on many patients. The reason for this is that PEMF devices contain low levels of non-ionizing radiation. These radiation levels are harmless and have no such negative effects on human beings.

Restores Cell Functions Naturally

The cells in a human body contain both electrical charges. The inside of your cells contains a negative charge while the outside cells comprise a positive charge. When you are using PEMF machines to treat medical conditions, it creates various electrical currents inside the body. These electrical currents pass and flow to the membrane of cells.

However, when there is a shortage of electrical supply, a person may develop illness and various other diseases. But PEMF machines help to restore these cell’s functions naturally.

Used for More than 60 Years

FDA approved the use of PEMF machines in treating medical conditions and wellness programs in the year 1959. During that time, it was brought to use for finding the effectiveness of PMEF machines on non-union fractures. The use of PEMF devices proved a historical success in the medical field for pains, inflammations, and spasms.

However, recently it is grabbing the attention of clinical testers in offering enormous help to reduce pains. Though it uses certain electromagnetic waves and frequencies to alleviate the pains caused due to injury, trauma, and diseases.

These electromagnetic waves expedite the healing process at the cellular level to overcome various medical conditions.

Approved by NASA

The use of PEMF machines brought immense benefits to astronauts since they suffered from depression, fatigue, and even bone loss. This is because most of the astronauts suffered from these diseases after a short trip to space explorations. The most primary reason being the presence of a magnetic field outside the Earth.

However, many scientists found the use of PEMF machines to be effective in healing the symptoms caused by space trips.

Effective for Use on Animals

PEMF devices are not only effective for human beings, but also for animals as well. Moreover, most of the animals were found to be benefitting from the use of this machine. They also have shown great improvements to PEMF therapy.

Furthermore, the first PEMF machine was used by veterinarians on racing horses to heal their broken legs.


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