Allergies are at least sometimes unavoidable. Certain times of the year make it impossible to escape them unless we are ready to hole ourselves up at home. And sometimes, not even then. Further aggravating the issue is the fact that there are many different types of allergies you can have. And every type has its own quirks and ways to best avoid them. However, there are specific ways to combat nearly every kind of allergy, from specific ways to clean to avoiding particular practices or items. We will be covering this in our guide to housecleaning tips to ease the allergies.

Dust regularly

At first glance, this might even seem counterproductive. Especially for those who have severe dust allergies! In such cases, it might be easier for you to just do it once in a while and keep every window in your house open while you are at it. Particularly if you do not want to aggravate your asthma, something many people with allergies suffer from. However, that is simply because you need to approach the task in a certain way. Instead of using a duster or something similar, it is best to use wet wipes or simply wet rags. Doing so will make the dust stick to the damp surface instead of getting spread all over your living space. Dusting is also one of the easiest housecleaning tips to ease the allergies to follow.

Eliminate mold

Mold can be dangerous for the health of even perfectly healthy people. In the case of someone with allergies, it only worsens, particularly in areas with high moisture levels in the air. This is why you should be particularly careful of this issue during the rainy seasons and regularly check on your bathroom, basement, or attic. If you notice it developing, act quickly and eliminate it as soon as possible. If you are moving into a new home, or have only just noticed large amounts of mold in your home, you should probably look into cleaning services since hiring professionals is the best way to get rid of it quickly and thoroughly.

Try to avoid using rugs

Rugs, particularly fluffy ones, are the stomping ground of allergens and other irritants. Do not be fooled by how ‘easy’ they seem to clean with a simple hovering. If you take them outside and beat them, you will see how much dust and other nasty stuff will billow out of them. One of the important allergy-friendly home renovation tips is to go with hardwood flooring and eschew anything else. This is particularly the case if you have indoor pets. Their fur and the dirt they take into the house gets caked into rugs and will only grow to become an even worse source of allergies.

Avoid cluttering your home

Clutter, while not particularly dangerous itself, will still increase the severity of allergies you are suffering from over time. This is because it makes it a lot harder to keep your home in good, clean condition. Just think about your book collection. When was the last time you took the time to pull every last book from its shelf and carefully dust off each one, using a wet rag as recommended? Or even the clothes you no longer wear but hang onto? When was the last time you took them out of the wardrobe to wash them? This is what makes decluttering one of the most important housecleaning tips to ease allergies. Of course, you might not want to throw all of your belongings away. In such a case, finding a storage unit would be the best solution. Just make sure to avoid some common mistakes when renting a unit and make an informed decision about the price and type of storage you need.

Carefully clean your air conditioning

Air conditioning units are one of the biggest sources of allergens. If they are not carefully cleaned, dust and allergy-inducing particles accumulate in the air filters during the months when the appliance is not being used. This means that, as soon as you turn it on, you are blasted with a whole lot of allergies at once. The fact that air conditioning units were made to cause air to circulate in the first place only aggravates the problem, since you can be sure that the allergens will quickly find their way to every last corner of your room. This makes using air conditioning uncomfortable at best and entirely impossible at worst for those suffering from severe allergies. Thankfully, it’s possible to do a relatively thorough job cleaning the filters and eliminating the issue. However, you might need professional assistance until you get the proper hang of it.

Avoid scented detergents and cleaning supplies

The final of our housecleaning tips to ease the allergies is also somewhat complicated to follow through with. In our current environment, it can be ridiculously difficult to find good cleaning supplies that are not scented. Even the most basic of products have a scented component, because why not? It helps them sell better, and gives them some unique traits if the scent is exotic. Yet, they also tend to overlook allergic and hypersensitive people looking to avoid using scented products. And using them causes anything from mild to serious allergic reactions, depending on how abrasive the scent is! Particularly when it comes to detergent, since we cannot really avoid close proximity to our clothes.


This concludes our guide to housecleaning tips to ease the allergies. As you can see, while some of our advice can be tricky, it is very much possible to ease your allergy problems with the right approach. In fact, it is possible to all but eliminate problems you are facing within your own home. Just remember not to go dusting in the traditional way, to be aware of the issues rugs, mold, and air conditioning units can cause, and to avoid overly scented cleaning products. If you do that, you will see your condition quickly improving.

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