Taking a good sleep is necessary for our mental and physical health. Even if you’re doing hardcore exercises to keep your body in shape, but if you are not sleeping enough, they are a waste. Not only sleeping for a good duration but sleeping soundly is important. However, how can you tell whether you’re genuinely taking a sound sleep?

If you work in shifts, it is sometimes hard to measure your sleep patterns. Ideally, adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every day. Some need only six to seven hours rest and others need eight consecutive hours of sleep to feel better. Similarly, some people never mind if their sleeping plans change and others get affected very much.

It all depends upon your body’s needs. However, a good sleeping pattern surely helps you to live a healthy life. Here is how it benefits you:

Better concentration

There are studies to show that a good night sleep and napping help our mind to concentrate better. A good concentration power results in better productivity. Being sleep deprived certainly affects your mind and ability to focus clearly.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you feel tired, yawn all day, and it turns into a bad brain function. However, exercising daily at home will also help you in contraction ability. So, make a complete list of home exercises which will keep you healthy and take good rest.

Lower the risk of weight gain

Short sleep patterns lead you to obesity. Several studies show that poor sleep is one of the reasons for gaining unnecessary weight. However, some other factors are also associated with this like – drinking liquor, living with type 2 diabetes, decrease of physical action, long working hours, and long inactive time.

An absence of rest may influence an individual’s capacity to keep up a healthy life but it might not be an immediate cause of weight gain. With lack of sleep, you feel tired which can cause less activity in the body and result in gaining extra weight. So, follow your sleep patterns if you don’t want to become bulky.

Good calorie regulation

Sleeping also helps to regulate our calorie consumption. The calories we consumeget burned during night when we are in deep sleep. It is because of the human growth hormones responsible for good appetite. Generally, these hormones develop between 10:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Those people having late night awakening habits and do not follow an ideal sleep pattern, usually lead unhealthy lifestyles and complain of physical and mental issues. Moreover, if not taking enough sleep, it badly affects the ability to regulate food intake correctly.

Lowers the heart disease risks

Taking enough rest during night time allows blood pressure to regulate itself in our body. Irregular blood pressures are one of the diseases related to the heart. Even a high blood pressure can become the reason for a heart attack. So, take an adequate rest at night which leads not only to the heart but an overall health.

Prevent depression

Our mental health largely depends upon sleep or rest. After research, a conclusion found that there is a strong link between depression and lack of sleep. Depressive disorders are most of the time caused by sleep problems. So, sleep well to ease the depression in your life.

You can be depressed by many reasons out there in your daily routine. But having a good night sleep and napping during the day can help you to reduce depression and stress at great intensity.

Better athletic performance

If a normal adult needs seven to nine hour sleep, an athlete needs from as many as ten hours rest. Sleep is vital for sports persons or athletes to consume enough nutrients and calories.

Apart from that, sleep helps to heal the body and provides other benefits such as better performance strength, more energy, faster speed, better coordination, more focus over goal, and good mental functioning. But for this, a healthy exercise also works and keeping in mind to cool down after heavy workouts is necessary.

Healthy sleeping tips:

  • Stick yourself to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake-up time every day.
  • Practice a relaxing bedtime routine like reading a book, meditation, listening to music etc. relieve stress or anxiety while falling asleep.
  • Avoid afternoon naps if you feel trouble sleeping at night. This helps you to take good long night sleep.
  • Exercise also helps you to fall in good night sleep. So, do light exercise activities in a day.
  • Design your bedroom according to maintaining a sleep environment like noise reduction, good cooling temperature and free from maximum lighting.
  • Sleep on comfortable mattresses and supportive pillows.
  • Avoid heavy meals, coffee, tea and alcohol before bedtime.
  • Do not use electronic devices like laptops or mobile phones late night.
  • Ensure your room has enough ventilation at night time to not disturb your sleep.

Hopefully, these tips help you to get better sleep but if you still have trouble falling asleep, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

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Hi, I am Mike Morleye. As a professional writer, I put together my writing skills to share knowledge on diverse topics in a readable, understandable and appealing format.

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Dr Anas Ahmad · June 19, 2020 at 8:02 am

One thing to add avoid blue light in your devices at night.

Nakshatra Nair · February 10, 2022 at 12:36 pm

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