Millions of people have been learning about nutrition and weight control the hard way during the recent COVID-19 crisis. That’s because so many stuck-at-home adults are forgetting to exercise and making unwise food choices, partly out of boredom and partly out of frustration at the lack of socialization.

There’s even a new term that’s entered the language as a result of so many folks gaining weight during the lock-down; “quarantine 15.” This new bit of jargon refers to the 15 pounds you are apt to gain if you just eat whatever you want, whenever you want, all while waiting out the virus crisis.

So, what’s the best way to avoid quarantine 15? There are plenty of solutions to the dilemma. The main thing is to learn how to avoid packing on the pounds during these unusual times. One obvious remedy is to have contact-free meals delivered daily from a company like Fitness Kitchen, SoCals premier meal delivery service.

Tips for Staying Sane and Avoiding Weight Gain

Here are some of the things people are doing to stay trim, remain fit, and maintain their sanity while living in quarantine:

Exercise every day

There’s no need to become a body builder or fitness buff. The key thing to remember is to exercise every day, even if that means just 20 minutes of walking, taking a short job, doing some calisthenics, or lifting weights in your living room. Since you won’t be able to go to the gym, turn your private living space into a place where you can do a simple workout. Do your waling or jogging outside for a change of page. Avoid using treadmills when you have the option of being outside in fresh air.

Don’t keep junk food around

This is one of the oldest weight-loss secrets. It has withstood the teat of time because it works for most people who try it. Don’t buy or store junk food in your home. Keep plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand to satisfy snack cravings. If the low-nutrition junk isn’t there, you won’t be able to eat it. It’s as simple as that.

Vary your activities

To avoid boredom, which often leads to over-eating and compulsive snacking, try to vary your day’s activities. For example, a day with a “varied” schedule might include mean you go for a walk or bike ride, play a board game with family members, eat lunch on the patio if the weather allows, phone a couple friends and reminisce, break up your job hours into three small sessions and spread them out from early morning to late afternoon, do some yoga stretches, listen to music, read, avoid watching too much TV, go to bed after taking a hot shower or bath.

Socialize creatively

You can’t go to movies or to the gym during the quarantine, but you can use your phone and computer. Make a list of people you hae wanted to contact and send them either a hand-written letter or a thoughtful email message. Stay in touch with family via video chat and frequent phone calls. Check in with neighbors via text or telephone to see if they need anything. This is especially pertinent for older folks who live nearby.

Drink lots of water

Here’s another tried-and-true weight-loss tip that anyone can do. Staying hydrated is important anyway for purposes of general health. But when you’re not able to be out and about as much as normal, it’s wise to drink water frequently in order to quell random food cravings. There’s a bonus in that you’ll probably discover that your skin is clearer and smoother. Water has a way of making us look our best.

Buy locally-sourced meals

Using a meal delivery service is something millions of consumers are doing in order to make sure they get clean meals that are made fresh daily. No matter where you live, select the best meal delivery service and try to find one that offers paleo to vegetarian meals.

Weigh yourself every day before breakfast

Knowledge is power. When you weigh yourself every morning, you know where you stand in terms of weight gain or loss. That way, it’s harder for a “few pounds” to creep up unnoticed. An even better thing to do is log your daily weight on a calendar you keep on the kitchen wall. Whenever you prepare food or open the refrigerator, you’ll be reminded of your current body weight. The psychology of this technique is much more powerful than you might suspect. Try it for a couple weeks and see for yourself.

Take frequent breaks while working: If you’re working at home during the quarantine, take short stretch or walk breaks every hour. Not only do these mini-breaks help keep your blood circulating, you’ll be able to avoid boredom and short-term burnout from staring at a computer for hours on end. As veteran work-at-home folks can tell you, boredom often turns into weight gain.

Practice moderation if you drink alcohol: It’s easy to consume too much alcohol when you’re cooped up at home for several months. Don’t fall for the trap of turning to alcoholic beverages to treat boredom. That’s a fast route to weight gain and possibly developing a dependence on wine, beer, or liquor. Avoid packing on the pounds by limiting alcohol drinks to just one or two per day.

One of the smartest ways avoid quarantine 15 syndrome is to choose any of Fitness Kitchen‘s locally-sourced, contact-free meals, so you can rest easy knowing they’re 100 percent safe and made fresh daily. Customers can choose from paleo to vegetarian meals from SoCals premier meal delivery service and even save $75 on first 2 weeks. Code: CLEANMEALS75.

Choosing clean meals from the best meal delivery service and having them delivered daily to your home is easy, economical, and the most efficient way to keep the pounds off.


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