Deciding whether or not to remove a tattoo can be a difficult decision. A tattoo isn’t always just a tattoo. People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it serves as a memorial for someone who has passed on. Sometimes it signifies a specific time in someone’s life. Either way, most people will tell you that their tattoos are meaningful. When they chose to get their tattoo it meant something to them. Over time, these perceptions can change. As a tattoo removal studio we have had many clients express these feelings to us explaining that now they have some “tattoo remorse.”

While tattooing is associated with permanence, technology has made it possible for people to turn back time and remove tattoos they no longer want. How does one figure out they no longer want their tattoo? If you have been on the fence about removing a tattoo, then consider the following points and perhaps the decision will be a bit easier:

You are constantly trying to cover up your tattoo

So maybe you don’t consciously realize how much you hate that tattoo on your arm, but perhaps you realize your wardrobe consists entirely of long-sleeved tees meant to cover up that tattoo. We’d say that’s a pretty good sign you are ready to at least consider tattoo removal.

You’ve had a lifestyle change

If you’re looking for that next job promotion or you’ve switched careers perhaps that large tattoo on your wrist is getting in your way. Over time our lives change, sometimes quite drastically at that, so that tattoo you thought was a great idea at 18 might not be such a great idea at 35. Lifestyle factors typically play a large role in the decision to undergo tattoo removal.

You just hate it

Did the design you and your tattoo artist sketch out not turn out as planned? Do you just dread seeing your tattoo when you pass by a mirror? Hating a tattoo happens. Sometimes designs we liked previously are no longer designs we desire having permanently inked on our skin anymore. Don’t just live with something you hate. Hating a tattoo happens and it is grounds for removal if you ask us.

You have thought about making modifications to your tattoo

If you have considered fixing up an existing tattoo that may be a sign that you are no longer in love with your tattoo. As a tattoo removal studio we see many patients that are looking to cover up an existing tattoo with a new design. This means you may not be interested in completely removing your tattoo, but fading it with a few treatment will make it much easier for you to have a tattoo artist cover it up with a new design.

If you feel like you may be interested in undergoing laser tattoo removal then we suggest scheduling a consultation with a laser tattoo removal studio. Getting some information on the procedure may help you to make your decision.

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