One of the key factors of the success that the barbecue industry sees in the United States has to be the limitless amount of sauce variation available. It may seem surprising, but expenditures for barbecue sauce production in the United States exceeds $2 billion per year. This value doesn’t even consider the amount of home-made recipes that are concocted each day by families around the country. All of these different sauces may leave you pondering: which sauce is the right choice?

Seeing as though there are so many choices out there, typically the decision-making process comes down to which meats you’re preparing. For example, you might prefer a specific sauce for your slow-cooked ribs. However, that same sauce wouldn’t do a pulled chicken sandwich any justice. While the best sauce is meant to compliment your meats, it can be challenging to find that perfect sauce for your tastes. Choosing the wrong sauce can often mean a ruined meal, but this doesn’t always have to be the outcome! With some research, you could become a sauce master.

The infographic featured alongside this post is a great resource for the barbecue aficionados who may be wondering what their ideal meat and sauce pairing is. Whether you’re more on the acidic or sweet side, or maybe you prefer mild or spicy sauces? Luckily, the choices are endless. The resource is also helpful for those barbecue novices who may not want to spoil an evening with friends by serving poorly prepared and sauced meats. Remember, the sauce that pairs well with ribs, may not be a sauce that pairs well with brisket!

The one major problem that many sauce enthusiasts are faced with is the fact that every one’s tastes are different. While you may believe that you have the best meat and sauce pair conceivable, it’s more than likely that there’s someone out there who despises the combination. The best way to accommodate to these differing tastes as a host is to provide guests with multiple options to couple with their meats. Be sure to consider how you prepared the meats for your guests though! If you happened to prepare the meats using a specific sauce, it’s probably best to warn guests as using another sauce alongside these particular meats can provide conflicting flavors.

To get the most out of your meats and the sauces you couple them with, be mindful of these tips:

The best sauce will not excuse a dreadful piece of meat. Honing in on your barbecuing skills is the key to the utmost flavor. Once you’ve mastered the grill, the sauces will follow.

Variety is indeed the spice of life! Don’t limit yourself or your guests to one sauce option. Diversify and sample some new meat and sauce pairings to strengthen your palate.

Local barbecue restaurants are excellent tastemakers. A number of great combinations exist within your local barbecue joints. Visit these spots and give their pairs a try to see how you stack up.

For additional information on the best combinations of meats and sauces, be sure to check out the resource featured alongside this post. Courtesy of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants.

Keys Selecting Right BBQ Sauce infographic

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