Most people tend to lead very good, well-planned lives. We take care of our bodies, work on bettering ourselves, and generally have some notion of short and long-term goals. However, the moment you add some stress into the mix, it all goes lopsided. Planning a relocation? Rest becomes a secondary concern, sleep deprivation becomes the norm, and eating becomes optional. Sugary energy drinks can be found coursing through your veins. This seems to go for any pressure-filled project. Does it have to be that way, though? Not if you apply these tips for staying healthy while moving. We all get tunnel vision when we have a particular project we need to complete, but it is crucial to keep sight of the bigger picture.

Through proper planning, staying healthy while moving is possible

Give yourself enough time. It does sound like the advice a professor would give his students, doesn’t it? We know, we know, but it really does work. If you start on time, you won’t have to cram weeks’ worth of studying into two days. The same applies here. So, make a schedule. A good one. Relocating seems like a difficult task. Break it up into manageable pieces, and you will break up the stress related to it as well. What will you pack, what needs to be left behind, what materials will you need, what’s the budget looking like? All of these should be figured out and sorted before you bring the first empty box into your home. Armed with a checklist and ample time to get it all done eliminates unnecessary stress.

Once the main steps have been taken care of, it is time to delve in deeper and look at how to manage the days. How will you incorporate your everyday activities into the schedule? You still need to eat healthy meals at reasonable times. There is no need to throw out your daily exercise regime – just be flexible with it. Don’t have time to go to the gym due to the move? No problem, you can exercise at home, there’s always a solution. Skipping sleep is also not advisable. If you start on time, there is no reason you cannot stay healthy while moving. Get a jump on things, don’t let this project sneak up on you. Otherwise, you may find yourself trying to cram kitchen utensils into a box meant for clothes that is already full of books.

You are what you eat

One of the first things we start neglecting is our meals. The thing is, you need energy, you need your immune system up and running, you need to feel like you are up to the task. Junk food adversely affects all of these aspects. Try to swap out those greasy meals from your local fast food joint for some healthier options that can help you relax during this period. Here are some quick tips on staying healthy while moving when it comes to food:

  • Plan ahead – Ties into what we said previously. Do not wait until the last moment to decide what to eat. We all know what the last-second decision will be – a toss-up between a pizza or a burger, most likely. Prep your meals ahead of time and stick to the schedule you made.
  • You’re not alone – Maybe you made a very tight schedule that you need to adhere to or have already packed up the kitchen. Meal delivery services can help. If there is room for it in the budget, this could be a good time saver.
  • There is nothing wrong with a snack – You will need to keep your energy levels up, and keeping some snacks on hand can help. However, put back that chocolate bar you’re reaching for and go for that fruit or granola bar instead. High-energy snacks that have usable nutrients are the way to go here!
  • Pack everything but the kitchen sink – There is no need to pack the whole kitchen. Leave a few needed items for the very end. This will help you stay healthy during the move, as you won’t be forced to rely on takeaway meals.

Stay rested, stay hydrated, stay healthy while moving

We covered food, so it only makes sense we cover the other two big ones in our lives. You know, those little pesky things we cannot live without – water and sleep.

It can easily be overlooked, but staying hydrated is vital. As a lot of moves tend to occur during the summer months, this becomes even more essential. Always have a water bottle close by. Tea is also an acceptable option, but fizzy drinks are never a good substitute.

We skip sleep to finish quicker. However, when we do that, we cannot work as effectively, and our health and concentration suffer. We start to fall behind. So we skip even more sleep. We feel worse. We fall behind schedule even more. Notice a vicious little cycle popping up? Let’s break it. Do not underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. If you have organized yourself well, you should have enough time to get a good night’s rest every night.

Lift with your legs, not your back

When moving, the way you are moving is essential if you want to stay healthy. There is no need to sugarcoat it. With proper planning, you will be able to maintain a healthy routine, but it will still take a lot of work. There will be heavy lifting involved. Furniture and heavy boxes are unavoidable. Getting them into your car or a truck is just as inevitable. You need to get ready for hard work – if you prepare properly, you will avoid possible injuries and accidents that often occur during moving.

Wait… I’m all packed and ready?

Problems are usually problems because we don’t pay them enough heed. If you follow these tips for staying healthy while moving, not only will you feel great at the end of it all, but you won’t be sure why you thought it would be so difficult and stressful in the first place. Instead, you will be able to fully enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Now, if only you had prepared this well for your exams.

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