Hopefully that day never comes for most people, but for some, a medical emergency just may rear its ugly head when you least expect it. Maybe your husband will fall off a ladder and break his legs, or maybe your baby will have trouble breathing due to a peanut allergy. Whatever the reason for the emergency, it could be tough to think straight and prioritize when you’re faced with such an intense catastrophe.

Being prepared is always a good thing, so here are five things you should remember when faced with a medical emergency:

Stay Calm

It may be hard to stay calm at a time like this, but it’s absolutely necessary here. Hysterical human beings make for really ineffective thinkers, which could be a disaster for you or the person involved in the medical emergency.

Remaining calm and taking a deep breath will allow your thoughts to be clear and concise, allowing you to strategize and think about what must be done. Should you call for help? Should you drive to the hospital? All of this will be easier to decide if you’re not running around and upset.

Reserve a Spot at Your Local Hospital Online

This can’t be done for all hospitals, but for the ones that do allow this, you’ll spend much less time in the waiting room.

An emergency room reservation system will allow you to make a reservation for several hours in advance so you only have to wait an hour or less when you arrive for your appointment. This is perfect for injuries that aren’t life-threatening like a broken arm. If your emergency is more serious, don’t wait! Go to the ER right away!

Oftentimes, patients reported that it took less time to see a doctor than at a small general doctor’s office with this sort of system.

Immediately Treat the Patient Affected

Did your daughter fall and break a rib? Get her anything she needs to make her more comfortable. Get her ice, get her pain medication, or whatever else she may need to be at ease. This is important for maintaining composure.

If the patient is yourself, you could have someone else do these things for you, or if worse comes to worst, you could muster up the strength to help yourself.

Have a Game Plan in Place Beforehand

Go online and research common medical conditions that may be present in your family, and also check out ways to treat common emergencies or ailments. You may find that this could save the person’s life because of acting fast!

You may not have time to research while the emergency is happening, so being knowledgeable will help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Run to Your Neighbors for Help

Your neighbors are people just like you, and they will understand that you need their help in a time of need.

Not all neighbors will enjoy this sort of commotion, so try and visit those who you are already friendly with. They will be able to assist in any way they can, as well as take a lot of stress off of you and your family.

These 5 things will help you out in the face of a medical emergency. Don’t forget them!

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