Boxing is considered to be one of the more serious sports because the possibility of someone getting seriously injured or hurt is very high. That is why boxing is not taken lightly by its participants or its fans because both of them know the kind of effort that is involved in bringing a sport like boxing to life. If ever you decide to take up boxing as a career you want to pursue, or as a sport you want to partake in or as a skill you want to acquire, then do not take this decision lightly; think about it properly and only when you are a 100 percent sure then continue in your journey.

Ideally you should go into your first boxing session mentally and physically prepared. Mental preparation is a three way part that includes; understanding why you wanted to join boxing, then you need to understand that you will need to put in all your effort in this sport, and you will need to be patient because it will be time consuming. Preparing yourself physically would mean that you need to be aware of the physical risks involved in this sport; you will need to work out to build stamina, you will need to drill your entire body to perfect your stance and your technique. Lastly, it could take you years before you become a boxing pro.

You should make a final decision keeping all these things in mind. We however support you till the end if you decide to continue with boxing and the reason is that boxing has a lot of health, mental and spiritual advantages for a person.

Boxing helps you with:

Keeping fit because you will be training almost every other day if not every day, and the training will be strenuous and very demanding. If you’re someone who is obsessed with doing a hardcore workout everyday then thrust us boxing will help you with that.

Boxing will also help you do cardio which is excellent for your physical health because cardio means keeping your heart beat up and with boxing you will be working on each and every muscle of your body. When you regularly do cardio exercises then your blood circulation will improve as well; your muscles will feel rejuvenated and energized.

With boxing you will notice a vivid difference in your stamina as well; because you cannot afford to wear out before your opponent, so an efficient lung capacity will allow you to move forward in your game.

The game of boxing is highly recommended to those people who suffer from anxiety, stress, anger management and depression because this platform will allow you to channel your negative energies in a safe and productive environment.

And let’s not forget about the toned muscles you will have because boxing targets your upper body, core and leg muscles. If you want to excel in this sport then you will need to build strong muscles; working on these muscles everyday will help you achieve your fitness targets very quickly.

Your trainer will tell you the etiquettes regarding a strict boxing routine; this will include not only the workout and exercises you need to follow but also an entire food plan that you must abide by! If you are looking for discipline in life then boxing can be the first step you can take for your personal growth.

Here are some of our very own suggestions on how you can truly prepare yourself mentally and physically for boxing:

Start training:

Cardio and stamina are two things that will help you throughout yor boxing career. And although you will be working on both these things in your training sessions; it is always ideal to get a head start.

Begin by trying to improve your stamina so you don’t have to struggle in the first few months; building your stamina can take up to many months and if you are serious about boxing then you must already have a pretty good breathing threshold. You don’t want to be one of those students who can’t even keep up with their training for 15 minutes!

The exercises that will be involved in your boxing journey will be quite taxing so you need to train your muscles to bear the pain of standing and jogging in one position because acquiring a boxing stance is not easy. You want to be comfortable with having your leg muscles ache and your upper body muscles feeling like they are constantly on fire! Yes, that’s exactly how they will feel after just a few minutes of training! So get a move on and start training now!

Most experts advise skipping rope and running to build your stamina and train your muscles. And we advise the same! An hour or half an hour of skipping should help you get a long way.

Educate yourself:

Practicing is what will help you in the long run; no one is born with knowledge regarding boxing (or any sport for that matter), you will need to physically train everyday to become an expert. But that does not mean you can’t read books written by experts regarding their experiences and what you should expect! Trust us, regarding on a subject matter before you indulge yourself in it physically can be helpful, no matter how differently your own experience might be. Remember that this is all about preparation!

Watching videos and observing techniques adapted by other athletes can not only motivate you but also help you learn. When you do watch videos analyze their techniques and approaches to the game. We guarantee that you will learn a lot.

Have a talk with yourself:

If you don’t like to quit or backing away from a commitment then you certainly will not appreciate yourself if you back out of boxing in the middle of your training; because boxing is a very tough sport. So before you make any decision then we recommend having a serious conversation with yourself; mentally preparing yourself for what you will need to put your body and mind through to excel in boxing.

Such one on one conversation with oneself can be very fruitful!

Purchase the right equipment:

Read on what necessary equipment you need to purchase such as gloves, boxing pads, mittens, shoes and shorts; there are so many varieties to choose from for each and every one of them that it could take you up to a week of research to be able to figure out exactly what you need and what you should buy.

Keep yourself motivated:

This one might seem a little cliché but one of the best advice we can give someone who is interested in boxing is to watch motivational movies about boxing such as rocky! And read up on boxing champions such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson; such documentaries based on the lives of these boxing legends will give you an apt description of what the life of a boxer can be like.

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