The year 2020 has been challenging for many people, and your mental health may have suffered because of the COVID-19 pandemic and political tensions that were prevalent throughout much of the year. If you want to have a better year in 2021, working on yourself to improve your mental health can help you achieve a positive outlook. Here are some of the best ways to improve your mental health condition in 2021.

Start Exercising

Exercise can be good for both your body and mind. According to, working out regularly is a great way to lower hormone levels in the body that contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. Endorphin hormones, which can increase natural feelings of euphoria while reducing stress and pain, can also be increased with exercise. Even if you still can’t make it to a gym, you can go for a jog or bike ride in your area or exercise in your home using your own body weight or with some fitness equipment that you can buy online.

Eat the Right Foods to Boost Mental Health

Simply eating more of the right foods that are known to improve mental health by increasing certain hormones in the body can do wonders for your mindset. The flavonoids that are found in dark chocolate can help enhance mental focus, which can also improve your mood. Fatty fish contains fatty acids that are linked to better mental health. Drinking more herbal tea is an excellent way to put your body into a calmer state naturally and quell feelings of anxiety. Other good foods to eat to promote a better mindset include eggs, leafy green veggies and walnuts. Try a few different healthy food options to see what helps your mental health the best.

Try Light Therapy

Depression and other mental health problems are sometimes linked to a condition known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). During the winter or other times of the year when sunlight is limited, you may find yourself feeling more depressed because of the lack of sunlight exposure. To combat this problem, you could try light therapy, which involves sitting in front of a special lamp that shines light to mimic the appearance and effects of natural sunlight. Many of these types of lamps are compact in size and are cheap to purchase online.

Become More Spiritual

Attending religious services at a church, a synagogue or another religious institution can help give your life more meaning, and this may work well in helping you overcome certain mental health challenges. Even if you’re not exactly the religious type, certain institutions welcome both believers and nonbelievers who want to tap more into their spiritual selves. If religious institutions in your area are still closed because of the pandemic, you can try looking for services online that you can watch through your computer.

Start Reconnecting with Old Friends and Family Members

You’ve likely had to miss out on seeing some of your favorite friends and family members because of travel restrictions and other problems in 2020 that made connecting with them more difficult. Reconnecting with these special people can improve your mental health status and help inject new meaning into life. If you can’t see these people yet in person, you can try reconnecting with them through an online video conferencing program or by simply picking up the telephone.

Get Treatment for Any Addiction or Other Mental Health Conditions

If you have a drug or alcohol addiction or a specific mental health problem that’s contributing to your adverse feelings, treatment is available. Counselors, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals know how to treat different mental health disorders by using a variety of treatment techniques. If you believe that checking into a rehabilitation facility will be the best choice for you, a luxury rehab center that provides first-class care may be willing to accept you.

Pay Less Attention to Negative Media Coverage

As difficult as it may be, you may have an easier time progressing toward a healthier mindset by consuming less media coverage. Learning about what’s going on in the world is important, but some media sources are known to sensationalize stories to try to generate more buzz, and paying too much attention to coverage that’s overly negative can have bad effects on your psyche. Limiting your media coverage may mean having to tune into popular new shows or read material that’s posted on news websites less often. Trade the time you would spend stressing over the news with reading a good book, learning new skills, or enjoying one of your hobbies.


Even though times may be difficult now, you can enhance your prospects for the new year by addressing the mental health challenges that are standing in your way to happiness. With the right lifestyle changes and additional resources, you can get on the road to a better lifestyle sooner than you might think is possible.

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