Yoga though an ancient art, has incredibly gone popular in the past few years. Among several different popular forms of yoga, the most calm, enchanting, serene and soul-motivating life elixir is the – ‘Yin Yoga’. Yin relates to rest, balance, stillness, cooling and release. Routine yoga classes is a restorative process that emphasizes on postures and body alignment to relax your mind, body and soul.

Here are the 7 reasons for why you should join a Yin Yoga class today:

Burn your stress away

Yin yoga is now scientifically known to cool down your system and flush away negative stressors from your body. It recovers and nourishes your body from within, calms your nervous system and helps you to foster self-love. The practice is a beautiful way to reduce anxiety, get relieved from depression, promote better mental health, cultivate stillness and mindfulness and remind yourself each day how beautiful you are.

Balance your Chi

Your body is driven by a vital force called ‘chi’ and balancing this is essential to harmonize the energetic channels of our body. Yin Yoga is has the maximum and a profound effect on balancing these energetic channels, as compared to all other yoga types. Choosing the right Yin Yoga postures, moves and sequences with Yoga Brisbane is crucial to utilize this effect.

Complement Hardcore Training

If you have scheduled hardcore strength or cardio training for the other days, Yin yoga is a great way to not only cool yourself down, but help you cultivate connectivity, balance and interdependence. If hardcore training isn’t balanced with complimentary yin training, for at least once a week, it can cause muscle fatigue and delay achieving your fitness goals.

Begin your Meditation Regime

We all know how meditation can be tremendously beneficial for our body and help us live longer by keeping everything in-sync. Yin yoga is a great beginning for your meditation adaptation. Your yoga trainer will guide you to concentrate, bring focus and help you to reach your inner depth.

Become flexible

When we talk about yoga, it’s definitely going to bring more flexibility to your body. It helps to condition the connective tissues and the muscles to improve joint flexibility and regulate the flow of energy through various poses and stretching yoga asanas. Whether due to wrong posture practices or, aging, Yin yoga helps to correct your body posture, while increasing your overall range of motion.

Slow down a little

No doubt the world is changing at a rapid pace, but even science says that a period of rest is extremely crucial to help you get going for all the big achievements in life. Yin yoga helps you rejuvenate, repair, renew and bring in a lapse from your daily tedious chores. The long hold times of Yin yoga sequences makes you patient and helps discover the real you.

Improve upon Balancing

Not only Yin yoga balances your life, but it improves you as a whole. Your personal fitness trainer will guide you to find your appropriate edge. Moving slowly and swiftly, while holding your positions and sequences, not only improves your core strength, but it works on your reflexes and improves your agility and balancing strength.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find a yin yoga class at your local fitness center.


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