High intensity interval training is one of the most talked about work out sessions in recent times and for good reasons too; most important of which is that it helps you lose many calories in a very short amount of time. A single high intensity interval training session lasts from anywhere between 5 minutes to 3 seconds depending on the kind of exercises you do and how much time you are willing to spend on one session. Regardless whether you spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes, you will be burning fat and losing fat.

There are many more benefits of doing high intensity interval training as well such as that it helps to keep your blood pressure down, it helps to decrease sugar in your blood and it also helps to regulate oxygen, there aren’t many reasons as to why you should not at least give this form of training a try!

One of the other reasons why high intensity interval training is regarded so much by trainers and athletes worldwide is because this form of training helps you work on each kind of muscle in your body in a very short time. So, you will be using muscles starting from your upper body all the way to the end of your toes. High intensity interval training is also regarded for helping you build muscles especially if you decide to incorporate weight lifting in your session. We do however suggest that you train under supervision because this form of exercise can be challenging and it is always recommended having an expert guide you so that they can perfect your form and supervise you properly.

High intensity interval training consists of many efficient forms of exercises that are designed to raise your heart beat and also give you the benefits of an optimum workout session. In this article we will be discussing some of the most efficient forms of exercises in a high intensity interval training session that you must include in your session every time.

1. Burpees

This is one the exercises that usually trainers love to begin your workout session with because of how efficient it is. This form of exercise helps you to work each and every muscle of your body starting from the upper body all the way to your lower body muscles.

You begin by standing straight and then jumping up, as you come down take your feet back like in a plank position, hold this position for a few seconds, then bring back your legs right next to your hands, like in a frog position; after maintaining this position for a few seconds you go up again and stand straight like you were at the start of this exercise.

When you will do this exercise, you will feel each and every part of your body burning after just a few times. We recommend doing this exercise for at least 20 times in one minute and then gradually bringing the number up or decreasing the time in which you do a set.

2. High Knees

Another cardio exercise that will raise your heart beat in just a few seconds. This exercise is pretty self-explanatory as all you need to do is keep your hands straight above your knees and then you need to hop on each leg one by one making sure that your knees touch your elongated hands.

This exercise is no doubt very effective as it replicates the same body movement as jumping rope. You will find your body warmed up and you will definitely feel a rush of energy. We suggest doing these for 20 seconds as it is a pretty simple exercise it will not take too long adjusting to it.

3. Squats

This exercise focuses on your core strength and lower body the most. You begin by putting a distance of at least 3 feet between your feet and standing straight; now gradually bend your knees and lower your back as much as you can with making sure your knees are aligned with your toes at all times. The trick is to go down as much as possible without having your knees exceed the point of your toes.

This is actually a pretty fun exercise and most trainers might ask you to hold weights while you’re doing this exercise. We suggest doing at least 20 of this exercise within 20 seconds.

4. Plank

One of the most effective full body exercises; all you need to do is lie on your stomach and place both hands right under your shoulders and then lift your entire body up on your hands and on your toes while maintaining that straight back. This exercise asks quite a lot of effort from your upper body and your lower legs as your entire weight is basically resting on them.

Most trainers will make you hold this position in the middle of a fast based exercise regime to help you give you that interval and to bring down your heart rate a little. This exercise is quite taxing and although we suggest holding an at least 30 second plank in the beginning, be prepared for how difficult this exercise can prove to be.

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