Those who are in good health and eat a varied diet, regardless of whether they eat meat or not, can get by without supplements or having the occasional one. Supplements and fortified foods are usually recommended for people in the following circumstances.

Health Supplements

  • Pregnant women usually need higher levels of folic acid in their diet to help the fetus develop well. 400 micro grams is the recommended amount and this can obtained through foods like spinach and other greens. Prenatal vitamins with iron are usually prescribed by doctors for pregnant women.
  • Adults who are 50 and above should fortified foods which contain vitamin B12. Cereals are a good source and even multivitamins with the recommended daily allowance of B12.
  • Fitness enthusiasts who sweat it out every day and need high amount of metabolism in the body, continued energy and stamina to pull out the line of physical activities and more.
  • Individuals who are into some kind of physical activity but need lot of energy and stamina on a regular basis.
  • Health supplements have been formulated for all individuals with an eye to cater to filling the nutritional gap in their bodies. This could be due to a length of activities and situations like irregular eating habits, consumption of junk food, oily and fried food and above all irregular sleeping habits.

Dietary supplements are also good for people who:

  • Eating habits are not that great and those who get less than 1600 calories per day.
  • Vegans or vegetarians who miss out on essential micro-nutrients present in meat and fish.
  • Women who experience heavy bleeding during their periods need an extra dose of iron so they don’t become anemic.
  • Those who suffer from medical conditions like Celiac Sprue disease which retards absorption of vitamins and minerals, chronic diarrhea or IBS, food allergies and/or intolerance’s, liver or gallbladder problems to name a few.
  • Those who have had surgery to shorten their intestines or even bariatric surgery and not able to absorb enough nutrients to have overall good health

The one way to find out which supplements are needed and their doses is to talk to a doctor or dietitian. After tests are done, one can find out which supplements are needed – make sure to find out what side effects these health supplements may have on your body and if they will interact with other medications that you consume on a daily basis.

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