The fact that pets bring joy into our lives has never been disputed. However, the effects pets have on our health have been widely discussed. And, for the longest time, no one could agree on whether they were a boon or a constant danger. Well, we are happy to announce there is no reason for worry! Having a pet is good for your health, beyond the shadow of any doubt. However, some people might still doubt it! So, we are here to explain exactly why having a pet is good for your health!

They promote physical activity

It is a simple fact that pet owners are much more physically active than people without pets. The most obvious examples are, of course, dog owners. They need to take their canine friends for regular walks, particularly if they live in an apartment complex where their pup does not have enough space to be active. However, this doesn’t mean that owners of other animals are far behind. Any pet owner will find themselves a lot more active than they were before. This comes simply from the fact that you need to look after your pet, clean up after them, give them baths. And, of course, play. Playtime with your pets ensures you get good workouts and is a great way to start your journey of healing through laughter, thanks to the cheer it evokes!

They are amazing stress relief

One of the most important reasons why having a pet is good for your health is their ability to distract their owners from problems. As everyone knows, anxiety and stress are terrible for your health. Yet, such issues can be set aside, at least for a little while. And all thanks to the cheerful and happy demeanor of pets while we enjoy our playtime with them! Just remember that pets can suffer from stress, too, mainly due to a change in their living environment. This is why it is essential to know how to prepare your dog for moving since dogs are sensitive during relocation. So, while everyone should, of course, be free to de-stress with the help of our furry friends, remember that they can suffer too. It would be unfair to use them only to discard their own feelings!

They help battle depression

Even more significantly, pets are not only good as a distraction. In fact, they can help you improve your mental health and even battle depression. In this case, their ability to temporarily cheer you up is important but can be set aside for a larger benefit. Their constant companionship and unconditional affection are crucial support required to overcome depression. And while it is saddening that people often cannot find such support in a different way, pets are still there to help! Besides, pets are a perfect crutch for people dealing with depression due to feelings of inadequacy or inability to open up to others. They can confide in their pets and feel a connection that will let them eventually break out of their shells.

They improve blood pressure and circulation

No doctor has been able to pin down why, but the fact that pets improve blood circulation and pressure has been known for some time now. This has been particularly noticeable in cat owners. Some claim it is a side effect of increased physical activity. Others argue that it is the effect of a generally improved mood and less stress and anxiety suffered in daily life. There is also a theory that a cat’s purring is therapeutic and very beneficial for health. Whichever cause they subscribe to, at the very least, everyone can agree on the fact that having a pet is good for your health and that there is a noticeable improvement in blood pressure and circulation in an overwhelming percentage of pet owners.

They can help monitor your health

Animals have a natural ability to detect illnesses and injuries. Cats have been proven to approach their owners and curl up on spots that might be hurting or suffering some form of illness, including cancer as if trying to shield their owners from further harm. Dogs will whine and show obvious discomfort when detecting the same things. But did you know dogs can be actively trained to help people with diabetes? When people suffering from the condition get low blood sugar, their body undergoes subtle chemical changes. This, interestingly, reflects in the change of their breath, which dogs can scent and be trained to react to. They can detect such changes much faster than a person with diabetes would start to feel any physical discomfort, allowing for a swift and timely reaction.

They decrease your chances of developing allergies

Many parents refuse to consider letting their kids have a pet for fear they might develop allergies to them. And yet, interestingly enough, the journal of allergy and clinical immunology has published results of research that prove that pets actually do the opposite. If children are exposed to pets, or animals in general, at a very young age, they have significantly lower chances of developing allergies. The research results indicate that the children had boosted immune systems across the boards! This means that they were less likely to develop allergies and less likely to get sick in general. Of course, some parents might already be suffering from pet allergies. However, there are, thankfully, house cleaning tips to help ease allergies they can take advantage of so their kids would not have to face the same problems!

They actively protect their owners

If all of this was not enough, our final reason why having a pet is good for your health is not a passive benefit. Or something you need to train a pet to do. If you take the time to look them up, you will find that there are a ton of stories in which pets actively saved their owners’ lives. Dogs barking and making a fuss, sometimes even dragging their owners over to a fledgling hour fire. Both cats and dogs dragging people, children, or babies out of burning buildings. Parrots looking for help when their owners collapse. Animals are amazing companions, and if you shower them with love and affection, they will show just as much care and concern in turn. 

Reflection and plea

We hope we have managed to elaborate on why having a pet is good for your health! The many varied benefits should lay any concerns to rest. However, whether or not you feel we have a point, there is a request we must make. In return for all the good pets do for us, please treat them just as well! Make sure your loving, fluffy friends get all the care, affection, and support they need from you. It is the least they deserve!


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