Recovering from addiction isn’t easy. Without counseling, many people tend to get back to their old habits and live a life in a way they don’t like. But, even with the proper counseling, it is easy to get back to the old way of life. One of the main reasons for that is the place itself. Today, we will explore why relocating during addiction recovery might be the right move and what you can do to make that happen!

First of all, congratulations!

And we really mean it. Addiction is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, and getting out of the cycle can be hellish. It is so tempting to say, “I need one more hit, fix, drink” just to escape or satisfy the need for illusory beauty.

However, it is imperative to stand on your two feet and be stable on the ground. Sure, an addictive substance may get you high up in the sky, but why get wings if you eventually fall. But, you already know that.

Starting a new life at a new place

One good reason why you might consider finding a new home somewhere else is to start life anew. A new beginning often requires a new location, and there is no better time to do this than now. Periods of transition are fantastic moments to search for a new place to live, especially when those periods aim for better.

If you move to a new home when you are recovering from an addiction, you’ll have a clean slate. You can start your new life from your new home and feel like you are at a new beginning. When you change the atmosphere and the place in general, you can transition to a new normal.

Past isn’t always pleasant

Many people claim that they remember the past very fondly. When trouble is over, it is like it never existed in the first place.

However, we usually cannot let the past go if we are constantly reminded of it. Places and people often remind us of the things we don’t like, and if you feel that way, maybe it is the right time to find a home somewhere else. A new home might be one of the most effective cures for alcohol and drug addiction.

But, moving away isn’t always as easy as it seems. The problem isn’t usually of financial, but of psychological nature. It can be hard to organize everything and move to a new place. People tend to cling to the past, even if that past is unpleasant. It is easy to stay in a comfort zone, but real growth happens when you step out of it. And one of the best ways to do so is to get away from the place you live in.

Relocating during addiction recovery allows you to have a support system

If you live far from your closest family and friends, then relocating during addiction recovery is necessary. We all know that having a support system in recovery is crucial. Thus, being closer to your family will allow you to have a solid support system that will help keep you on the right path.

Relocating to a new place during addiction recovery requires some serious planning

Moving isn’t always a simple process. You have to take care of a lot of things, from your finances to packing stuff.

But, no move is possible without the proper moving organization. You need to plan your move and create a proper strategy if you want to relocate.

Calculate the expected cost of the move, and leave a financial margin in case something goes wrong. Relocation usually costs more than people expect, but not by a lot. If you have professional counseling which you cannot pause, make sure to find another at the new place.

Compare and hire movers

Whether you are moving locally or to another continent, you have to hire moving professionals to help you with the moving process. Like in any business, there are better companies, and there are not-so-good ones. You have to find a company that can take you to your new place with ease and will not overprice the move.

Make sure to read the reviews and get in touch with as many moving companies as you can. Quantity creates quality, and it is almost certain that you’ll find movers that fulfill all your criteria.

Pack for the move

After getting in touch with a moving company and agreeing on a moving date, it is time to pack your entire home. It also means that you will have to get your belongings ready for the move because you can’t simply place items in empty boxes. Thankfully, this is one of the easiest parts of a moving process, but it still requires some time and energy.

The first thing you need to do is to get some packing supplies. Thankfully, getting most of them is easy, and they don’t cost that much. You can get most of them at the nearest supermarket.

So, here’s what you need to get:

  • packing tape
  • boxes and plastic bins
  • plastic beads
  • a marker
  • sticky notes
  • sticky tape

If you have some special items with you, we recommend hiring professional packers. You don’t want to mess around with valuable artwork, musical instruments, and similar unless you are confident in what you are doing.

Also, it would be a good idea to start decluttering your home, even if you are still living in an old one. Clutter can have a massive effect on mental health.

Make sure to have a storage unit at your new location

Many people tend to move to a new location without renting a storage unit. This can turn out to be a big mistake. Even if you know how large your new home is, you can never know how much space you will need for everything you have brought. This is where storage comes into play.

Relocating during addiction recovery is not always a good idea. People in recovery usually need to maintain a specific routine and moving to a new place will undoubtedly disrupt it. However, there are situations when this is not only advisable but necessary. Being close to people who can provide support on your journey to recovery is essential. Moreover, getting away from the place and people who can potentially drag you down is a must. Also, a new home in a new place can be a new beginning, which is a prospect worth considering.


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